Psychic: NOT a dirty word.

Want your unique path guided by the power of your intuition?

It’s possible to receive guidance, insights, and support from Spirit and your Soul every day…

To unlock the mysterious language of Spirit that’s all around you…

And to heal the fears blocking your connection with your inner voice...

Using ancient and modern practices to open your intuitive channels safely.

Intuition 101 is a five lesson foundational course doing exactly that with live sessions, a supportive community, and expert hand holding along the way.

  • A practical, easy-to-implement approach to intuition so you can connect to guidance from day one. Featuring a unique methodology combing meditations, journaling exercises, observation practices, breathing techniques, and energy work.
  • Use your hidden intuitive and psychic abilities to feel constant support on your path. Once you unlock the language of Spirit, you realize you are, you always were...supported on your path. While you may have missed it before, in this course we discover now we know how to see, feel, and hear support each step of the way.
  • Create meaningful personal relationships with your Higher Self, guides, and Source. Personal connections create deeper intuitive insights about your purpose and path in life. We foster a strong direct connection between you and your guides.
  • Own your power, release your fears, and drop resistance from clear soul communication. Emotional healing and intuitive development go hand-in-hand. We mindfully peel back the layers blocking the cosmic telephone line.
  • A thriving community where like minded sensitive souls support each other. You are not alone in your experience, in your questions, in your wonder. I'm passionate about building loving and empowering communities to cheer us on when we do the brave work of owning we are psychic.

Registration is now open through Friday, September 20th.

Here are some of my favorite quotes from people who have taken Intuition 101:

"Intuition 101 is life changing. Soul revolutionary. There's no other teacher out there I've come across who is asking us to listen to ourselves in such a profound way. Marci has condensed decades worth of personal wisdom, insight, and spiritual revolution to guide others in a similar awakening path. I feel closer to myself, like I know myself better through tapping into my intuition. If you're thinking about signing up for Intuition 101, DO IT. It's affordable, it's worth it, and if you apply these practices you see solid shifts in your life." ~ Sarah P.

"Since taking Intuition 101 I am able to recognize how I handle being overcome with emotion and how I can at times be overcome with other people’s energy. I’ve learned to name this pattern and get ahead of it before I get overwhelmed. I love how open, honest, and vulnerable Marci is. She makes you feel safe and provides an environment where trust and vulnerability can thrive. This course taught me how critical it is for me to stay in tune with my own body/intuitive knowings to truly learn who you are on a deep level which allows you to connect with your own intuition." ~ Kerri M.

"Through Intuition 101 I've realized that intuition is something I'm truly interested in and that spending the time on developing it is worthwhile! During the course you feel supported by Marci, even if you're working through some challenging or uncomfortable stuff. Marci is real, practical, and approachable while guiding you through tough spiritual stuff. If you're thinking about signing up for Intuition 101, Do it! Even if you need to go at your own pace you'll appreciate the time spent." ~ Amanda A.

"Intuition 101 will continually open you up to new pieces of yourself that have been hidden by society. Marci will gently nudge your soul out in a more public way, offering love and support throughout! As a result of the course, I now dedicate an elongated amount of time to myself each day! I do the practices that most resonate with my body on that particular day, rather than doing a strict spiritual practice that is more out of guilt than because I truly feel connected to it!" ~ Emily G.

"Marci is a true master of intuition. This class is your opportunity to study with someone who is teaching and embodying their life's purpose - which is truly inspiring to witness. She often told us, in live sessions, that she was showing us shortcuts to processes that took her years and years to understand. I had some experiences, during her guided meditations, that completely blew my mind - I went to places I could never have reached on my own, places I didn't even know it was possible to go. So, if you have any interest in supporting your intuitive side, and learning tools that will help you operate on all cylinders and maximize your potential, I highly recommend signing up for this class now, before it fills up. You won't regret it." ~ Teja W.

"Intuition 101 was very informative. I loved that Marci constantly shared her personal wisdom gained through experiences. She was always listening and available to answer our questions throughout the course. The course is packed with powerful tools, examples, practices, and reading materials - it is designed for all levels. I highly recommend it!" ~ Carolyn L.

For less than the cost of a weekend away, a lifetime’s worth of guidance for every phase of your life.

The material in this course is some of the foundational life changing practices, principles, and realizations that have changed the course of my life and my clients lives. Everyone should have the opportunity to connect with ease to their innate intuitive guidance. To do my part, I created this course.

The Story Behind Intuition 101

The Birth of a Skeptic

Over time I learned that I experience life in mysterious and magical ways. My ability to nonverbally communicate with animals, to feel other people’s feelings, to see what was unseen, and to know about my great grandmother’s death before it happened were gifts that I learned to turn off out of fear at a young age or brush aside. Later as if I completely forgot my early experiences, I became a confident skeptic.

When I thought of the word psychic, I imagined a saintlike person with exceptionally rare gifts, or a scam artist with a 1-800 number, a crystal ball, mental slides of hand, and smoke machines.

So I was surprised when a close friend with psychic abilities told me I was psychic too. I had no clue or rather...I had forgotten.

A Touch Into Remembering

During my first module of Reiki training with a dear friend, as I practiced on her at the completion of class and shared what came through she sat staring at me stunned. I wasn’t JUST practicing Reiki. I was psychically reading her system and I had no idea how.

As my teachers, mentors, healers, friends, and later clients each concluded I was psychic, I felt terrified. Would I be viewed as a tin hat wearing woman with a neon sign that you avoid on the street corner?

Still nervous about how I would be judged, I marketed my work as "life coaching" to make it palatable to the masses. When clients came to do work with me, they were blown away by how much more they were getting. I was not JUST life coaching. I was using my psychic and intuitive abilities to heal them from past lives to present.

At first I only opened these gifts to the clients I felt I had built enough trust with. Over time I started incorporating intuitive/psychic abilities into most of my work. Eventually I could no longer hide from being psychic because the clients I worked with using my integrated methodology and framework were getting wayyyy better results than those I played it safe with.

Over time I learned to trust my abilities. I trust myself.

Reclaiming the Word Psychic

I now identify as being psychic and spoiler alert: I don’t wear tin hats. I’m here to reclaim the word psychic for myself, for my peers, for my clients, for the world. Because being psychic can be as normal as breathing if we return to ways of being, practices, and skills we’ve long forgotten. And if we drop the stigma we’ve created around anything that doesn’t fit with our overly rationalized brain.

To support more people to experience and claim psychic, I have many special creations in the works. Intuition 101 is the first course in a series I plan to lead to teach others how to tap into the intuitive and psychic abilities on a consistent basis.

Your Instructor

Marci Moberg
Marci Moberg

I am an intuitive coach and healer who empowers sensitive souls with big hearts to own their power, trust their intuition, and live their truth every day. My clients are spiritually seeking sensitives who Know they were born to be different. They are multi-faceted...not a straight line. They exude a brilliance they wish others would honor. And they ultimately came to Planet Earth to be of service to others. Entrepreneurs, school teachers, attorneys, healers, and yoga teachers are just some of the special people I have had the privilege to co-create with. I've worked 1:1, in groups, and led trainings with hundreds of people to date.

My work is born from my own spiritually seeking and personal development journey. I combine more than a decade of applied experience (I'm all about practice, not just theory) in self-inquiry, mindfulness, meditation, social psychology, Eastern and esoteric philosophy, the healing arts of energy medicine, Reiki, and yoga, Earth-based spiritual traditions, and occult teachings. These days the Divine Feminine, ancestor work, and land-based practices rule my way. This means I value an intuition, feeling, non-linear, and heart-centered path. As a result, I've been known to be called a Priestess, Psychic, Shamana, Witch, Healer, Channel, and Seer. After all, like my clients, I am deep. I am multi-layered. Cyclical and evolving. I am so much more than the words on this website. And so too, I feel, are you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you mean when you use the word psychic or intuitive?
Well, I'll cover this in more depth in the course. So we're on the page for now...I use the words psychic and intuitive interchangeably because most people these days are used to the word intuitive and conceive of “psychic” in a narrow way. In many ways, I think of intuitive as an inherent ability and psychic as a well practiced use of intuition. Being psychic means experiencing the five senses in an unexplainable heightened way. People who identify as empaths or highly sensitive may experience psychic abilities without the understanding to connect their sensitivity to extrasensory perception. In other words, being surprisingly psychic means experiencing life with the volume dial set to 100 and no owner’s manual in sight. I hope this course will be the start of an owner's manual for you :)
I’ve never worked with my intuition or psychic abilities, is this course right for me?
Yes! This course is oriented towards providing foundational knowledge, skills, and practices for beginners. I teach at a beginners level and include more intermediate information to provide depth.
I've been working with my intuition for some time, is this course for me?
I always believe in a return to foundations over and over again can be extremely helpful and reveal new information each time. I personally return to revisit foundational practices myself every single year. The great Zen master Shunryū Suzuki taught that a zen mind, a mind imbued with full awareness, was a beginners mind. For when we approach new endeavors as beginners, we allow ourselves to be open, receptive, and curious. Regardless of where you are on your path to developing intuition, if you bring this attitude to the course, you'll get some beautiful insight.
I love the idea of the course but money is tight right now and I don't know if it's wise for me to spend money on a class about intuition. What should I do?
I'm sorry money is tight right now. I don't know how it is for you right now, but I once struggled a lot with money. This period of time included a week I had $30 in my bank account and no idea how I was going to pay my rent, let alone eat. It was a scary time. I only encourage people to invest in this course if I am certain they feel aligned and able to invest the resources (money, time, and energy). Those who do the work in the course can create an exponential return on their investment. In fact, following my intuition led me out of extreme financial struggle to financial security today. If money truly is your only obstacle holding you back from enrolling in this course and you know you are ready to invest the time and energy to do the work of the course, I encourage you to consider applying for a scholarship. More details below.
I'm not sure the course is for me but I want to try it. Is there a refund policy?
I do not offer refunds of any monies paid. If you don't trust me as a teacher or trust yourself to learn from me yet, I encourage you to read more of my blogs which are freely available on You especially might want to check out: See if your trust grows. Only sign up for Intuition 101 if you are fully committed to doing the work of the class, and you trust me to teach you this material. I want participants in this course who are totally invested and ready for their profound intuitive development.
Could you tell me about the logistical and scheduling details of the class?
The course includes five lessons with five live 75 minute sessions for delivery of content and Q&A. All class sessions are recorded and made available to you for later review. Activity and discussion between live sessions will happen in our private Facebook group. Live sessions are scheduled for: Wednesday, September 25th at 7:30 pm ET Wednesday, October 2nd at 7:30 pm ET Wednesday, October 16th at 7:30 pm ET Wednesday, October 23rd at 7:30 pm ET Wednesday, November 6th at 7:30 pm ET
What if I can't make the live classes?
We'll miss you AND it's no problem! I record every live session so you can watch the replay and join in the follow on conversation with ease in the private Facebook group.
I want to do this course but I'm very busy. How much time does it take?
There’s no shortcut to intuition development. Developing your intuition and psychic abilities takes daily practice. Roughly the time investment you can expect in Intuition 101 involves: Once a week (with some weeks off for integration): A virtual 75 minute session (includes lessons and Q&A). Every day: About 20-30 minutes invested in daily practices that I provide in the course. When you feel inspired: 15-30 minutes reading and writing posts and comments in our private Facebook group. That’s a doable amount of time to transform your relationship with your intuitive abilities.


I am extremely passionate about making wisdom and tools that lead to a deeper connection with one's inner voice and ultimate healing accessible to all. I want this material to be available to reach and support those who are on a spiritual path and dedicated to their healing who many not otherwise have the means or ability to afford joining the course.

In an effort to honor this passion, I am excited to announce that there will be need-based scholarship spots in Intuition 101!

If you feel you need this material and cannot afford the workshop, I want to do what I can to make it possible for you to join us on this journey!

I reserve a portion of scholarships specifically for BIWOC and women whose work revolves around serving historically marginalized populations to apply.

Please note, these are need-based scholarships. If you can realistically manage the three monthly payments of $99, please allow others to apply who may have greater financial need. If you are unsure, please go within to deeply and honestly consider your own needs before applying.

If you identify as part of one or more of the categories above, I invite you to apply. Applications close midnight, Saturday February 2nd. Recipients will be notified by February 12th.

Click HERE to apply.


If you are feeling blessed with abundance in your life, you may sponsor someone’s partial or full tuition for Intuition 101!

The sponsorship fund allows me to offer scholarships when Intuition 101 is in session to those who need them. So thank you for your generous and thoughtful donations to the fund! You may donate to the Sponsorship fund by clicking HERE.

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